About Us


Sports' fans understand each other’s difficulties … There is nothing more frustrating than cheering your team to the playoffs and not getting to be there to watch them play. That’s where we come in; being the devoted sports' fans we are, we have the perfect solution for you.  


We guarantee that you get tickets for playoffs at their face value price, to watch your favorite team without having to buy the actual ticket much before the playoffs; our service allows you to reserve the tickets exclusively for the game and team you really wish to see and purchase the ticket at face value only if your team qualifies.


The best part about MytiGO service is that real fans get an opportunity to see their teams play, paying face value price and enjoying an optimal sports experience while supporting their team at a live game.


MytiGO brings fans together creating a whole new world of ticket resale and reservations, granting you the opportunity to optimize your benefits by managing your own trading arena.


That is what we at MytiGO do for you and nobody does it better!

We guarantee you a ticket for the playoff, at face value and at any time during the season - so there’s no last-minute scramble!