Purchase/Sale Terms


These Ticket2Final Purchase/Sale Terms are part of the Terms of use of the Ticket2Final Site. Each ticket and/or Reservation that you purchase or sell in the Site is subject in particular to these Ticket2Final Purchase/Sale Terms. Capitalized terms not defined herein shall have the meaning ascribed to such terms in the Terms of use of the Ticket2Final Site. 


Direct purchase from Ticket2Final

Ticket2Final sells within the Site tickets and Reservations. If you purchase a ticket or a Reservation from Ticket2Final via the Site, you will be purchasing the ticket either from Ticket2Final or from the venue or promoter that produces the event for which you buy a ticket ("Event Promoter"). When a purchase within the Site is made directly from an Event Promoter - we will advise you of the foregoing in the frame of your purchase process. In any event, Ticket2Final will not be liable in case an Event Promoter or another distributor will sell tickets which are arguably of higher desirability than those sold in the Site.



Ticket2Final does not determine nor is responsible for any seating arrangement of Reserved Tickets (which are tickets underlying a Reservation). In addition, Buyer should be aware that some Event Promoters apply a policy of non-admission of fans of one team to arena gates of the apposing team and in the event that admission of Buyer shall be denied no refund shall be provided. 



The Site may contain various notification services via email, cellular text massages or alike. For example – we may offer to notify you when a Buyer is located for a ticket or a Reservation placed by you for sale in the Site; when a Seller has posted a ticket or a Reservation of your choosing or when a certain sale or purchase price has been identified by another Site user.  


Ticket2Final will make reasonable efforts to operate such a service and provide you with the requested notifications; nonetheless we shall not be responsible in any way and shall not bear any liability in the event that a notification is not provided for any reason including any malfunction with such service.


Offers to Sale or Buy 

The Site may contain a service whereby a Seller may offer a selling price for his/her ticket (including in cases of re-sale) and Buyer may offer a purchase price for a ticket he/she wishes to buy in the Site. If any such offer is marked by you as binding – you may not cancel such purchase or sale offer. 


Ticket2Final will make reasonable efforts to operate such a service and provide you with the requested notifications if it can purchase or supply (as applicable) a ticket at the requested price; nonetheless we shall not be responsible in any way and shall not bear any liability in the event that a notification is not provided for any reason including any malfunction with such service.


Currency, Pricing and Payment

The currency of payment for each ticket and each Reservation is as indicated in the Site; however for convenience purposes the official price of a ticket and/or the Reservation fee may be indicated in the Site in one currency while the payment itself shall be in another currency. Prices for tickets / Reservations may contain an administration/processing fee component and shipping costs. As a general rule payments are accepted in the Site, paid to Sellers and received from Buyers via credit card companies listed in the Site.


Reservations related Provisions

One of the main features of the Site is a service allowing Site users to purchase an Option / Reservation, which is basically an option to purchase ticket/s to a sporting event ("Reservation Service"). The Option (which is also referred in the Terms as a Reservation) may be exercised by a Buyer (who purchased the Option) in case that the Buyer`s team indeed qualified the relevant (usually playoff) sporting event. The following terms will apply to the Reservation Service:

1. The Site will contain reference to sporting events, usually games at various tournament stages (e.g. eighth final, quarter final, semi-final and finals), which participate in the Reservation Service ("Sporting Event"). 

2. During the Reservation process the Buyer will be required to designate the team he/she is a fan of ("Designated Team"). Such designation is mandatory. The Designated Team will be a single team, or, if allowed in the purchase process - several teams, or, alternatively, all teams within the specific tournament. 

3. The purchase price of the Reservation will be indicated in the Site ("Reservation Price" or "Reservation fee"). The Reservation Price is influenced, inter alia, from the identity of the Sporting Event at hand, the identity of the Designated Team, the number of Designated Teams (if a multiple designation is allowed) and the date of purchase of the Reservation (e.g. before or after the relevant sporting tournament commenced etc).  

4. In the event that the Designated Team will indeed qualify the Sporting Event the Buyer will be entitled to exercise the Reservation and purchase ticket/s (as indicated in the confirmed Reservation) at face value (i.e. at the price indicated on the ticket by the Event Promoter) or at another price if specified on the Site, during the Reservation process ("Exercise Price"). The Exercise Price may contain an administration/processing fee component and shipping costs. THE RESERVATION PRICE SHALL NOT BE DEDUCTED FROM THE EXERCISE PRICE OR VISE VERSA. Please see below further instructions regarding exercising Reservation(s).

5. A Buyer who purchased a Reservation is not obliged to exercise the purchased Reservation even if his/her Designated Team has qualified the relevant Sporting Event. Un-exercised Reservations will expire and not to be forwarded into the next season. IN THE EVENT THAT THE DESIGNATED TEAM WILL NOT QUALIFY THE SPORTING EVENT THE RESERVATION WILL BE VOID AND THE USER WILL NOT BE ENTITLED TO PURCHASE A TICKET FOR THE SPORTING EVENT. 

6. Unless specifically indicated otherwise below, a Reservation cannot be cancelled and accordingly the Reservation Price is not refundable (including under circumstances whereby the Designated Team did not qualify the Sporting Event or whereby the user decided not to exercise the Reservation as recorded above).


Exercise of Reservations

When you exercise a Reservation, you are completing a separate transaction whereby you are actually purchasing the event ticket underlying the Reservation ("Reserved Ticket"). 


You should note that a Reserved Ticket may be sold by either a Site user or by Ticket2Final. In the event that a Reserved Ticket shall be sold by a Site user then such Seller shall be entitled to receive both the Reservation Price and the Exercise Price minus administration/processing fees and shipping costs as recorded in the Site. In the event that a Reserved Ticket shall be sold by Ticket2Final then Ticket2Final shall be entitled to receive both the Reservation Price and the Exercise Price.


Each Reservation will contain a limited period for exercise during which the Reservation Buyer can exercise the Reservation. In some instances this exercise window may be several months in the future and/or could be limited to a very short period of time, and is treated differently for contingent events. 


Ticket2Final assumes no responsibility for notifying a user of the exercise window, as the exercise window will clearly be laid out in the terms of the Reservation. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS RESERVATION BUYER TO MONITOR THE APPLICABLE EXERCISE WINDOW AND EXERCISE PRIOR TO THE RESERVATION EXPIRATION DATE IF YOU DESIRE TO EXERCISE THE RESERVATION. At the time of exercise of the Reservation, you will be required to pay the applicable Exercise Price.


Selling Reservations and/or Tickets in the Site

By placing a ticket for sale in the Site, Seller confirms, represents and undertakes that he/she owns a valid ticket free of any third party rights or claims and that the content of the ticket is true and valid including the description of the event, the date and venue of the event, the sitting arrangement etc. Seller further confirms, represents and undertakes that the ticket is sellable according to any applicable law, contract, rules etc. and that there is no hindrance of any type from selling the ticket at the requested price. Seller shall indemnify and hold Ticket2Final harmless of any liability, damage or expense incurred in direct or indirect relation to any inaccuracy in any such representation by Seller. 


In the frame of the selling process of tickets for Sporting Events (as defined in the Terms), you will usually be offered to select if you wish to make a sale only if the team or teams you designate shall not qualify for the event; or alternatively if you wish to make a sale regardless of the identity of the qualifying team/s. If you select that you wish to make a sale only if the team or teams you designate shall not qualify for the event then all provisions in the Terms regarding Reservations shall apply to such a sale. 


Your offer to sell is binding and you may not cancel such offer or amend the requested price or any other term under any circumstances. Unless indicated otherwise in the Site during the selling process – once Seller approves the transaction for the sale of his/her ticket and/or offering a Reservation underlying his/her ticket, ownership for the ticket automatically transfers to Ticket2Final. In the frame of the selling process, you may also be required to indicate the price printed on the ticket which is sometime referred to as face-value. If your requested selling price exceeds the face-value of the ticket we may inform you that Ticket2Final shall only purchase the ticket for its face-value or alternately that Ticket2Final shall purchase the ticket for its face-value plus an additional amount we shall indicate which reflects a certain portion of the proceeds received or to be received by Ticket2Final for Reservations that Ticket2Final shall place on your ticket. In any event we will indicate the total amount that you shall ultimately receive for your ticket if we indeed agree to purchase it.         


If Ticket2Final accepts and places a Reservation for your ticket and/or purchases your ticket, your account will be credited following an authentication and/or a verification process. This process will consist of the receipt of confirmation from the applicable Buyer that he/she were indeed admitted to the event for which they bought the ticket sold by you to Ticket2Final; a process which usually takes place some 7 working days after the date of the event. Sometimes, the authentication process may be shorter and shall be accomplished for example by cancelling your ticket and issuing a similar new ticket in the name of Ticket2Final, and by making a binding offer to sell your ticket you automatically agree for such cancellation.


You may hold any funds received as a result of the above sale/s in your account to use for additional transactions in the Site, or you may request the funds in the form of a PayPal transfer. Such request will be processed on at least a monthly basis.


Ticket2Final assumes no responsibility or liability if your Reservation or ticket remains unsold. 


Re-sale of tickets or Reservations that you previously purchased on the Site is allowed and all provisions of the Terms applicable to sales shall apply to any re-sale; however – you may not re-sale in the Site any electronic ticket that you previously purchased in the Site and was electronically or otherwise delivered to you.


For the sake of clarity it is recorded that all rules in this chapter applying to the sale of a ticket in the Site also apply to the sale of a Reserved Ticket i.e. by way of solicitation Reservations exercisable to a Reserved Ticket.



The Site may contain on a regular basis or from time to time various limitations according to our sole discretion, including in the following matters:

1. Reservation and/or ticket prices may be limited to a maximum price;

2. Number of Reservations and/or tickets sold or purchased (per user, per event, per a designated period etc) by users may be limited;

3. The ability of users to re-sell Reservations and/or tickets (per user, per event, per a designated period etc) may also be limited;


Each of the above limitations may apply to either Sellers or Buyers or both; and to users of specific jurisdictions/countries or to all users; all – according to our discretion and taking into account for example risk factors; legal limitations etc. 


Order Confirmation 

Subject to the Terms, only confirmed Reservations and confirmed tickets` purchase orders will be honored. A confirmation will be supplied to Buyer in the form of an email or confirmation letter. In the event that a Buyer does not receive a confirmation following completion of the reservation purchase process he/she should contact the Site. Ticket2Final reserves the right to cancel any Reservation and any ticket (and/or any Reservation or ticket order) the price of which was not fully paid. If you fail to pay any amounts for Reservations and/or tickets that you purchased, you agree to reimburse us for any collection costs incurred in collecting such amounts.


Collections and Delivery of Tickets

Tickets may be collected (from Seller) or delivered (to Buyer) via instant download, email, mail, courier or special delivery for the charge stated during the checkout process. Some tickets are collected or delivered by an alternative method which will be described at the time of checkout or in a subsequent email. The delivery charge consists of the actual cost of delivery as well as a surcharge that supports safe and secure ticket delivery, whether electronic, via shipping, or otherwise. Collection or delivery method is not indicative of the type of ticket. Tickets in all forms may be shipped via various methods – all as shall be designated in the Site. Tickets provided may also be contained in 'season tickets', in which event the Buyer undertakes to return to Ticket2Final the 'season tickets' after attending the event (and the method of returning same shall be posted in the Site). 


When tickets are shipped to you, it is your responsibility to confirm that the tickets delivered to you are consistent with the order you placed. You shall have forty-eight (48) hours from the time of delivery to report any inconsistencies between your order and the delivered tickets. We shall not be liable or responsible for any inconsistencies discovered after the 48 hour window has passed.


We reserves the right to change the delivery method, at our sole discretion, and may deliver tickets for any order up to one (1) hour prior to the event start time listed on the tickets. If the delivery method changes at any time prior to delivery, we will not charge the Buyer additional delivery fees. You must notify us if you do not receive your tickets within 48 hours of the event. If you do not timely notify us, you may not be eligible for a refund based on non-delivery of tickets. Photo ID or other verification may be required to accept delivery.


Refunds and Defaults 


Ticket2Final guarantees that Buyer will receive the tickets he/she paid for in time for the event. In places where the ticket is not provide to Buyer, Ticket2Final may, in its sole discretion, offer Buyer replacement tickets at no additional cost; otherwise, we will issue Buyer a refund for the cost of the ticket (and no other remedy will be due). If Buyer receives a ticket but admission to the event is denied, Buyer must immediately inform us in order to allow us to rectify the matter. In some events our staff will be located at the event arena in order to resolve such problems. If you fail to immediately inform us that your admission was denied no refund or other remedy shall be made available.    


As mentioned above, your offer to sell is binding and you may not cancel such offer or amend the requested price or any other term under any circumstances. Once Seller confirmed his/her sale of Reservations or tickets, Ticket2Final guarantees that he/she will be paid for their sale, provided Seller provided the exact tickets listed for sale and the Buyer successfully gains entry to the event. If you fail to provide a valid ticket exactly as listed by you for sale, then without derogating from any other remedy available to us under these Terms or applicable law, you will also be charged with the price of an alternative ticket and by using the Site you agree to such a compensation and confirm its fairness and reasonableness.   


Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in the Terms, Ticket2Final shall not provide a refund (or any other remedy) to a Buyer who places an order (to purchase Reservation/s and/or ticket/s) in the Site and thereafter requests to cancel the order, including in cases of cancelled events for any reason whatsoever including events of nonappearance of the competing team, events of force majeure etc. However, we will provide a refund of the Reservation Price and the Exercise Price (to the extent actually paid by Buyer) in circumstances of non-delivery of the ticket in time for entry into the event as mentioned in the preceding paragraph; and we also allow Buyers to cancel their order for a Reservation and receive a refund of the Reservation Price in case that in the period between the purchase of the Reservation and the request for cancelation, there has not been any change with the applicable team's position in the tournament, i.e. if NO game whatsoever was played by the team between the time of placing the order for the Reservation and the date of cancellation. According to the Site's policy, any cancellation request must be received by the Site at least 24 hours prior to the date of such first game but no longer than 2 weeks from the day of the purchase. Order cancelation will be subject to a cancellation fee equivalent to 5% of the Reservation Price.


Refunds from an Event Promoter are subject to Event Promoter's rules and regulations. 


Fraudulent Use

In order to protect users from fraud, Site users may be required to provide additional proof of identify on any order. Proof of identity may include but is not limited to a signed credit card authorization and/or photocopies of public documents such as a state driver's license or passport.


Sales Tax

User is responsible for determining whether he/she is required to account for sales or value added tax on the sale of the ticket and/or Reservation. Ticket2Final takes no responsibility for such issues other than for tickets sold directly by Ticket2Final in which event the price shall be inclusive of VAT. If the user is required to account for sales or value added tax of any sort on the sale of the ticket, the Seller should include the sales or value added tax (i.e., total) price when setting ticket prices on the Site. 


Tax Indemnity

You agree that Ticket2Final is not responsible in any way for the accuracy or suitability of any payment of taxes to any entity on your behalf. You shall indemnify and hold Ticket2Final and (if applicable) any of its parents, subsidiaries and/or affiliates and/or their officers, directors, agents and/or employees and/or anyone on their behalf harmless against all liabilities, costs, interest and expenses (including reasonable attorneys' fees) incurred by any of the foregoing that arise out of any third party or governmental claim that involves, relates to or concerns any local, regional, country, or international tax obligation or amounts due or owing under any tax regulation, law, order or decree.


Event Promoter Related Rules and Procedures

Admission and attending events may be subject to policies, rules and procedures of Event Promoters (and/or other event organizers). For example, admission may be subject to a minimum age; searches; specific goods may be banned; rules of conduct may apply etc. Users must adhere to such rules and procedures.


It is Buyer's responsibility to determine prior to purchase whether such policies, rules and procedures exist. Ticket2Final will not be liable for refusal of admittance based on this type of restrictions or rules. Furthermore, it is Buyer's responsibility to determine whether the content of an event is appropriate for everyone in their party. Ticket2Final will not be responsible for any event with content that shocks, offends, frightens, angers, or traumatizes any individual or group. There will be no refunds, credits or exchanges under either of these circumstances. 


Ticket2Final is not responsible for providing transportation or reimbursement of travel related expenses under any circumstances unless those items are specifically included as part of a package. Ticket2Final is also not responsible for any delay causing you to arrive late or miss your event for any reason. 


Risk while Attending Events

Without derogating from the provisions of the Terms it is hereby recorded that all users voluntarily assume all risks incidental to any event (e.g. sporting event, show, concert etc) they attend (whether occurring before, during or after the event) and each user hereby waives any and all claims regarding any personal injury, death or other damages inflicted in connection therewith against Ticket2Final and/or any of its parents, subsidiaries and/or affiliates, their officers, directors, agents and/or employees and/or anyone on their behalf. 


If someone is sitting in your seat when you arrive to the event, it is your responsibility to ask them to move or ask an usher to seat you.