How it Works?

MytiGO makes it possible for sports' fans to secure their face value tickets for playoff games without having to buy tickets in advance.



Reserving tickets enables you to guarantee your face value tickets’ price and see your favorite team at its most exciting moments. 

  • Buy a reservation for your favorite team/s.
  • If your team qualifies for the event, you will have the right to buy the ticket at its face value price. The reservation price will not be deducted from the official ticket price.
  • If there is no relevant offer, the buyer may offer his own price and enter a waiting list.
  • Once the reservation is yours, you will have the option to resell it.


Once you have purchased a reservation for a team (or teams) you may place an offer to resell it at any price you choose.



In some cases, when you post a ticket (or tickets) you may receive an immediate bid. If you're looking for a better price you may post an alternative offer and thus enter a list of potential sellers. 

In addition, our unique service allows fans who bought tickets for qualifying events in advance, to sell reservations for these tickets. The reservations will be sold to all teams, except for the team/s the seller wishes to see.


How does it work? 

Post your tickets on our website and then decide for which teams' fans you are willing to sell it to:

  • If your team(s) qualified you can keep your ticket, and the extra sales fee will remain yours.
  • If your team(s) did not qualify you will send us your ticket and get the ticket's official price + the extra fee.


MytiGO is an international Company and is official partners with official sports organizations and federations. While we continue to grow, and expand as a company, we remain committed to our customers, providing them with reliable and high-quality service at all times. Dozens of thousands of satisfied customers have already reserved their tickets with MytiGO, enjoying our unique service.


  • For additional information, see our FAQ.